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From technical screws to special parts in green steel !

What is Green Steel ?

green steel technical screw manufacturer
technical screw-cutting carbon-neutral steel

“Green steel” is a steel that is more environmentally friendly in the production process. This green steel has many advantages such as:

Reducing carbon emissions: Traditional steel production produces a lot of carbon in the air. Green steel reduces these emissions, or even eliminates them completely.

The use of renewable energy sources to produce this steel. To power production processes, the use of wind, solar or hydraulic energy is implemented. Which considerably reduces the carbon footprint.

Recycling and reuse: Green steel encourages the recycling and reuse of existing steel materials, reducing the need to mine more iron ore. Recycling steel scrap and incorporating it into production also reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Innovative production processes: Green steel involves the use of advanced technologies and innovative production processes, such as green hydrogen technology, which allows steel to be produced without emitting carbon into the air.

Compliance with strict environmental standards: Green steel producers are committed to meeting high environmental standards and adopting sustainable practices throughout the production process.

carbon-neutral steel screw-cutting

One more step towards sustainable development !

Bonioni has taken a significant step forward in its commitment to circular transformation by developing the capacity to manufacture technical fasterners, screws, sockets, rivets, studs, axles … with green steel!

This approach reflects a deep commitment to environmental sustainability.