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Manufacturer of cold heading parts for electric vehicles in France – E-mobility

Expert in the automotive sector

For more than 60 years, we have been manufacturing cold heading parts for the world’s largest automotive suppliers. Aware of the growing popularity of E-mobility in order to protect our climate, since 2014, we have been manufacturing parts for electric vehicles such as shafts, centering pins, bushings, rivets, studs, spacers, screws, etc.

These parts are found in different parts of an electric/hybrid vehicle:

  • Lighting
  • Safety (belts and airbags)
  • Braking (stainless steel screws for energy recovery)
  • Wiping
  • On the frames
  • In the doors
  • Inside (seats, pedals, storage)
  • Vehicle frame
  • Valves for the thermal management of electric vehicles
  • Attachment of the tow hook
  • Battery assembly: battery frame, battery module, battery cover, battery holder.

Our screws secure the battery modules in the battery tray. These screws meet high strength requirements and their special geometry produces all types of threads when driven into the assembly.

manufacturer cold formed parts for electric vehicles

Manufacture of parts for charging stations for electric cars

We also manufacture copper and brass parts for charging stations for electric vehicles.

The advantages of these materials are:

  • The best conductor of electricity
  • Non-magnetic
  • Good corrosion resistance

In order to further improve the conductivity of the parts we can add a surface treatment such as nickel and silver plating.

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BONIONI is also diversifying into the production of cold-formed parts for electric bicycles.