Manufacturer complex sub-assemblies metal and plastic


In order to meet its customers’ expectations, BONIONI has specific assembly of parts and packaging facilities. BONIONI develops metal and plastic components, screws and bolts with assembled elements (washers, seals, etc.). We can also offer custom packaging or bagging services. In-house, we master the assembly of complex elements, with a systematic camera control in order to guarantee a 100% quality

Manufacturer screw with captive washer

Washers, brackets, seals; we offer a complete range of additional services.
Metal and plastic, we develop and produce your sub-assemblies. BONIONI develops numerous metal components overmoulded with plastic and thus delivers a turnkey subassembly to you.

Our production facilities allow for bagging adapted to your production rates in the workshop.

After a 100% sorting with cameras and/or eddy current, you can be sure that the components will be integrated without incident into your production process.